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California Crime scene cleanup companies "offer price gouging to the unaware and emotionally distraught." Eddie Evans



California Crime scene cleanup information here provides information for visitors' needs for honest crime scene cleanup information.


If you want a fixed-price guarantee, which means a "not-to-exceed" price, then you came to the right crime scene cleanup web site. My name is Eddie Evans and I have been doing business as a crime scene cleanup company for 11 years. I clean after death. This means cleaning up blood for homicides, suicides, and unattended deaths with decomposition issues.


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  May 12, 2012
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Crime Scene Cleanup Narrative

Crime Scene Cleanup Services -- What's going on?


First and foremost, readers need to be aware that a fraction of county employees have a monopoly over California crime scene cleanup.

With their monopoly they direct California's families to corrupt biohazard cleanup companies. For this service to these biohazard cleanup companies, companies also known as "biohazard cleanup" companies, this fraction of County employees receive a finders fee. We might also call this finders fee a "kickback." This has gone on well over a decade in Orange County, California. It has grown throughout our country.

It was not until the end of the 20th century that a tiny fraction of county employees across the country closed ranks on crime scene cleanup. I mean that they now control a monopoly over crime scene cleanup across the United States; it would be easier to find a county with such corruption than to find one without.

This means that a fraction of county employees control biohazard cleanup companies that charge whatever they care. Some of these companies may only charge a few thousand dollars for blood cleanup. Some of these companies are no one to charge tens of thousands of dollars. In the end, taxpayers and victims families lose money and free enterprise.


What Companies Offer


Companies offer a basic cleaning service for blood cleanup. Removing wet blood, moist blood, and dry flaky blood, which are the the essence of crime scene cleanup is not that big of a deal. California families gouged for blood cleanup following homicides, suicides, and unattended deaths with decomposition need to beware; companies offer price gouging to the unaware and emotionally distraught. (return)

Some objects allow for cleaning and decontamination. Among these we find nonporous goods. Toys, electronics, and tools, for instance, usually allow for thorough cleaning and decontamination -- sterilizing. This type of cleaning calls for a wide-variety of cleaning approaches.

Many types of cleaning are not cleaning, but decontamination and then demolition. Demolition follows because some objects will never serve their former purpose; in the case of objects of sentimental value, specialized cleaning and sanitizing applied to their biohazard nature allows for their future use.

In the end, a California biohazard cleanup company's employees have experience geared to these cleaning demands, on the spot.




I say, "You cannot trust anyone in the crime scene cleanup business." It's because of that tiny fraction of county employees control a multimillion dollar crime scene cleanup industry. So before letting anyone help with your blood cleanup task, get it in writing, signed, dated and time stamped on an email. This is good as a contract.


You want a fixed-price guarantee, which means a "no-to-exceed" price. You need to know on paper what this company will do and will not do. Too many blood cleanup companies expect to change their story after work begins. "We need to take out the floor" or "We need to take out the wall" and so forth


We sometimes wonder which companies we can trust. Places like California have their share of crooks. We find existing companies independent of government fraud desperate to survive. They plan to use whatever means they can to stay in business. Widening their approach to cleaning means typical house cleaning may mean survival for some. In these days, though, survival without an contact among county employees seems hopeless.

So I am saying that most Los Angeles biohazard cleanup companies have some type of connection to the coroner, county administrator, or even the Los Angeles Police and Los Angeles Sheriff's Departments.

Whatever the case, I would look for a tiny fraction of civil servants taking part in this type of biohazard cleanup consumer fraud. I would not look for much of it in the LAPD. I would look for a greater percentage of blood cleanup fraud in the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department Coroner's Department.

Why should we think of the Los Angeles?

Our Los Angeles Sheriff's Department has corruption by a small number of coroner's employees. One author happens to be in this business mentioned one Sheriff's Deputy who had contact with corners employees.

To my experience I've learned that most of this type of consumer fraud perpetrated against California residents and businesses takes place in the corners' departments. Much of it actually takes place at a checkout desk in the corners' departments. Here families must sign for having received their loved one's property. Here families must show that they have identified their loved one.

Too Much Money Involved

There so much money involved in death cleanup that it's hard for some employees to ignore this opportunity to cash in. Because of the some employees start their own business. It's almost impossible for them not to make great profits. They have virtually no overhead outside of inexpensive cleaning supplies. They have no advertising fees, which happened to be my greatest costs for doing business. In fact it's impossible for me to make a good profit because of my advertising fees.


But I advertise my blood cleanup services for more reasons than one. I advertise out of a sense of social responsibility. I also advertise out of common decency in a sense of responsibility to those who have been victimized by homicide, suicide, or unattended death. Somehow someone, somewhere must bring this type of government employee fraud to an end. That's why I continue this work.




Crime Scene Cleanup Cleaning


"Cleaning" in blood cleanup jargon means more than the typical janitorial work found elsewhere. In blood cleanup this term includes some of the skills used in the construction trades, but not a lot. Skill saw, screw driver, and other tools may come into play. Some of the knowledge used in carpet cleaning, water damage and restoration, and power washing may come into play; not just for doing "cleaning," for what not to do during a blood cleanup task.

Blood cleanup in decades past usually meant an undesirable task, but not a dangerous task; now blood cleanup has become a dangerous task because we know more about microorganisms. History too has come to us as an enlightening force because we've heeded the findings of researchers into nature's elements and structures. It behoves crime scene cleanup practitioners to learn from science.

Some History

From history we find that blood cleanup practitioners learned which viruses create plagues and benign viruses; through medical forensics humanity uncovers the causes of plagues; shedding light on the source of plagues and other dangerous biological problems.

Eddie Evans resides in California and says, "The entire United States deserves my crime scene cleanup services, but must now rely upon my Internet outreach program to help defeat county cronyism in the biohazard cleanup business."

Passing through the Southern California's inland desert area occupied by native peoples, 44 travelers from Mexico established Los Angeles. They designated this geographical landmass as a Spanish Pueblo in 1781. Following the Mexican-American war, the same area became incorporated as a US municipality in 1850.

Before we become anxious about displacing native peoples from their lands. We should keep in mind that some 4000 million years ago, in the Sumerian period, Los Angeles was beneath the Pacific Ocean. In about 150 years ago, the dinosaurs roamed the earth during the Cretaceous.

What we now call the Los Angeles basin one time home to native peoples rose from the C 350 million years to the south. This area is an area geologist called the Pacific plate. Then about 65 million years ago all of our dinosaurs disappeared, sort of like the native peoples, but who remain but invisibly so. That around 20 million years ago Southern California became an active volcanic area.

As the plate tectonics continued their movement and volcanoes continued spouting off, the Los Angeles basin sunk again into the oceans, and then rose from the ocean again filled with sentiment. Today we call the look to bring tar pits and wonderful place to explore species trapped in the area 12,000 and 40,000 years ago.

Such species of birds, porcupines, ground sloth, candles, dears, cats, cranes, condors and angels are found in the carpets in La Brea. Even the mammoth has a significant place in these targets. A special note should be given to the saber tooth cats which share many genetic characteristics with the African lion. The big difference is that saber tooth cats had more powerful for legs and chest. They also had occurred, dagger like canines of the elite as long.

Some people have argued that saber tooth tigers became extinct because they were not good runners. Their selecting strength applied to their ability to leap a great distance upon their prey rather than chasing your pretty.

Some 22,000 years later, California was accepted as a state into United States. Orange County has its county seat in Santa Ana.

Over 3 million people live in the county. Is the third-largest county in California. Exceeded only by Los Angeles County in San Diego County, it is the sixth most populous county in the United States. It was also the first county to have gone bankrupt, which occurred in 1994.

Anaheim in Orange County became the home of the former Los Angeles Angels. Now no one as the Angels in major league baseball, the team franchise once belonged to Gene Autry in 1960. They played in Los Angeles from 1961 in 1965. In those days they were the Los Angeles Angels and they had transfer from the Pacific Coast league. It's interesting to note that their first try out 300 people turned out, but only six were picked for the team.

San Bernardino shares a border to the east with La Paz Arizona and Riverside County's border to the north give Eddie Evans a wide area to cover with his blood cleanup business.

To the north Eddie Evans has .Sacramento County and far to the southern end of California Eddie Evans has San Diego County for his blood cleanup business.







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