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This Silverado feces cleanup web site arose from the ashes of my Silverado biohazard cleanup business. As a professional biohazard cleanup practitioner and business owner, I came to the biohazard cleanup business expecting to earn living from it. After all, blood cleanup surpasses feces cleanup as far as infectious waste goes, it would seem.

As it turned out my Silverado biohazard cleanup web site turned out as a big bust; not because I cannot reach first place on Yahoo, Google, or Bing, but because our Orange County employees have a monopoly over biohazard cleanup in Silverado. It turns out that the United States fell victim to corners employees (a tiny percentage) biohazard cleanup monopolies.

Why? Because homeowners insurance turned into a cash cow when HIV became a bloodborne pathogen issue.

So when Silverado feces cleanup clients ask me how I got into the feces cleanup business. "It was simple" I tell them. "By trade I'm a biohazard cleanup practitioner and business owner, by necessity I clean everything else."

With 14 years in the business I've often wondered which I prefer, feces or blood. I usually choose blood over feces. The odor doesn't trouble me so much. I do not mind feces cleanup from other species. Plus, in this business I have an excuse for reading the sort of books I enjoy reading. I get to write about those subjects I enjoy writing about. Sure, I could write about other things than feces cleanup, but at least I get to deal with biology in some way, which is a favorite subject of mine. Believe me, there's a lot going on in feces that deserves our biological tools.

I might say that my interest in feces cleanup migrates back and forth between sociology and biology. I enjoy the sociology of it all because class struggle seems so clear in its history. Plus, unlike reading 5 pound books on 19th century theories, reading books about feces, biology, and society comes much more easily. Consider that those 19th century sociology books the "classical language" of political economy and such. Today's modern text use today's standard English. So it's kind of enjoyable learning about class struggle and the while learning about its biology, and believe me, feces has a very rich biology.

Growing Interest in Feces Cleanup

I began my interest in feces cleanup as a college student. I ran across take on the of scientific American in the 1970s with a article about the African dung beetle. I probably thought something about how crazy the whole idea sounded. Was there beetle that actually eight dung, feces? Well I read the story and the story excited need to know when. I talked my brother-in-law's ears off about the African dung beetle one night. It seems that the African dung beetle plays an extremely enormous role in the ecology of elephants and other animals.

In Australia, African dung beetles were imported because of the great problem with the Poop created by Western battleship into Australia. It turns out that the African pastureland remains much to dry for beef cattle's poop. Since there are no indigenous beetles or other insects familiar with the delicacies of cattle feces, the feces laid upon me pastureland dry as a brick. This created problems because grass would not grow. Before long entire range lands were covered with cattle poop. Now without grass to eat the cattle would starve. Therefore, it made all the sense in the world to import the African dung beetle. And it was done.

Imagine two E. African beetles at work in Australia trying to dig into a Western cow Patty for which it has no experience. When subsided to the way. Once inside it would lay its dung beetle larva had dung ball. Over eons in East Africa these dung beetles turned African Elephant feces into life churning energy sources. How is it we might ask that excrement which is absolutely necessary for the survival of life on our planet, and serve as a solution to a bunch of biological problems over tens of thousands years, become such a great problem during human history?

To save time I'll just say quickly, "human shit cleanup" has been the center of class struggle since the beginning of human hierarchies." I will not linger year with this idea class struggle in poop cleanup. I will move on to feces cleanup and then return to this issue of feces cleanup in class struggle.

Meanwhile, it helps to note that a small number of our population begin their lives with feces cleanup needs. Usually a small number of boys have problems with controlling their stool as they grow through their first five years. Some boys are turned away from schools because they have this problem so bad. But eventually they overcome unless they have some sort of physiological problem like fecal incontinence due to XYZ. For some of us fecal incontinence can be a minor problem. For far too many it's a major problem. For some of those males in their last decade fecal incontinence becomes the last straw leading to suicide. Suicide is more common among the elderly white males than any other demographic group in the United States and other comp trees like England, Australia, and New Zealand.


Training and Education For Feces Cleanup

A wise wizard once said to me that as much as he had studied nature and its many intricacies, he could never hope to readily recall what he had learned. He discovered that nature is very complex to think about and probably more complex than he could think

He seemed satisfied that nature shared enough. His his great store of knowledge remained somewhere in his mind, he surmised. He had no regrets for his path to learning nature's powers and mysteries; his only regret he would carry to his grave. And that was "not having more time" to learn more; for "It is what we learn after we really know it all that counts." Eddie Evans

IICRC means The Institute for Cleaning, Restoration, and Certification. AHIT means American Home Inspection Training.

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Feces Cleanup

First, I must define what we human believe about our feces control. Soon after we gain control of our stool movements we tend to take our fecal matter bowel movements for granted. This means that we have gained fecal confidence. Fecal consonance means that we can control our bowels without really giving much thought to it. It means that we empty our bowels when it's convenient to do so. Now on the very opposite side of the fecal control spectrum, we have fecal incontinence. Fecal incontinence means have an inability to control our bowels. Fecal discharge occurs at random in the worse cases of incontinence. I have urinary incontinence. in a rather mild form, for the moment. I dread joining the ranks of the "worse cases" for feces cleanup or urine cleanup.

Second, sometimes we bowels in situations in which fecal incontinence means that feces just flows out. Our digestive system, especially if we've had since sort of stomach surgery, educes this wild pooping. I have had biohazard cleanup work following deaths by men who have had their and test lines removed because of obesity. For one reason or another they became infected and could not control their feces any longer. Those who were single white males and never married had no one to help them with feces cleanup. Because these men were to sick for cleaning simply lead to more feces in their environment and more illness.

Can we get sick from our own feces, I would wonder? Yes and no. No, when our feces submits to our control and goes out the sanitary sewer or composting process. Yes, when our feces remains in our dwelling place. Living with our own feces over time exposes us to insects, especially flies. Issues of cross contamination begin to arise. Food poisoning becomes a problem in Silverado filthy houses contaminated by feces.

If they did not commit suicide they would otherwise die of infection because they had given up on life. Their bedrooms were heavily soiled by feces as other rooms were soiled. Of course this happens in those middle-class homes where discretionary income was available. I found this a retired military officers homes where discretionary income found displays in consumerism. Boats and large recreational vehicles are found in their driveways.

I know there's a rather large market for feces cleanup because of the baby boomers. Many baby boomers suffer from incontinence. And for those parents of baby boomers still surviving, incontinence is probably a routine matter for them because of their age. For where I speak of incontinence I can speak of urine incontinence. Every 90 minutes. I get that prostate dance to the bathroom in the middle of the night. It's quite exciting not to have a full nights sleep anymore. So anyone would think continence as my sympathies for certain.

Silverado Elderly People and Incontinence

For elderly people, incontinence is the second most common reason for institutionalization, and nursing homes charge much more for providing extra care required by a person with this problem. It happens that many of my feces cleanup jobs, because the baby boomers parents has heavily soiled their home because of their incontinence. It turns out that parents do not want children to know that they lost control of their bowels. So they live in their own feces. Couches, chairs, bedding, mattresses, carpets, and toilets becomes soiled with feces. Sometimes it is so much feces soiling that an elderly parent cannot invite the children in because of the strong odor. In fact, many baby boomers refuse to go under elderly parents homes because of the odor and filth. This is where my filthy house cleaning comes in. See my narrative below on my recent Garden Grove, Garden Grove feces cleanup job.

Much of my filthy house cleanup, gross filth cleanup, deals with feces cleanup. In Orange County feces cleanup occurs quite routinely because of the high number of baby boomers that moved to this great County during the housing boom, and bust for that matter. Because of their feces cleanup needs many Orange County families will not house their parents unless they absolutely have to. Those Silverado families with an incontinent parent prefer to institutionalize them. Although it's a terrible it must hurt to do so, families tend to do what's best for their parents when there's discretionary income. Otherwise an incontinent Silverado parent lives doomed to incontinence alone in a feces caked dwelling.

About 1% of the general population and 30% of the people in nursing homes have fecal incontinence. Roughly 1 1/2% of the children have difficulty retaining their stools. The issue of institutionalizing children does not come up, as I understand feces cleanup issues.

Because of fecal incontinence and feces cleanup that accompanies it. Those people that experience this problem for their lives rarely married. And somewhere around two thirds of them never find gainful employment. These people avoid sexual intimacy for obvious reasons.

There's a stigma for fecal incontinence. Just like there's a stigma related to those who do feces cleanup. I write this stigma soon under the heading of feces cleanup in class struggle. This entire Western denunciation of socially prescribed feces cleanup tasks has a socially contrived deviance label.

Because of this stigma secrecy and denial control our behavior. If a spouse has incontinence than we notice that there stains in their underwear and bed linens. The spouse ignores the stains. Eventually the spouse begins the feces cleanup as best as possible without embarrassing their loved one, and Leslie are hard set against cleanup feces. Children hide their close when feces cleanup becomes too much for them to complete. Children live there soiled underwear and pants and drawers, shoe boxes, and even stuck under their beds. It's interesting how many families ignore their children's rooms and find out much later that their children have a feces cleanup issue that they cannot control.

It's easier to deny fecal matter problems then to bring it out in the open just like alcoholism and drug addiction, we have stigmas related to those behaviors, whether we can control them or not, that places outside of the normal range of individual and group behavior.




Aliso Viejo Anaheim Anaheim Island Big Canyon Brea Buena Park Costa Mesa Coto de Caza Country Club Island Covenant Hills Cypress Dana Point Dove Canyon East Irvine El Modena Emerald Bay Fountain Valley Fullerton. My last Orange County feces cleanup job took place in Garden Grove feces cleanup work. I still need to send an invoice for this work, for which I charge way too little. (return)The poor incontinent resident fit my profile for single men living with incontinence. Too shamed to ask for help or not knowing where to turn, he simply continued soiling his dwelling. Had he gone to the Internet and searched for Orange County feces cleanup he could have found me and at reasonable price. His landlady did this very search on Bing: Orange County feces cleanup and found me. His problem came to her attention when paramedics asked questions Zero or in what city did suicide in place what was once in we talked about all taxes I can't clean for you it is only because of the matrix is that there is a very large it was you, you will not that I of I can ask somebody to call you

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