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When tragedy strikes from homicide, suicide, unattended death, and even decomposition, call Eddie Evans for your Orange County biohazard cleanup needs. I clean and reclean while sanitizing, disinfecting, decontaminating as I remove biohazards.

I use a chemical fog before I start and when I complete cleaning. Of course, thorough removal and cleanup precedes my final decontamination.

County Employees' Monopoly over Orange County Biohazard Cleanup

If you reached this web site you were not manipulated by county employees to use one of their crony referral companies. As a result you will have an opportunity to receive better service for much less. If you were misled by a county employee and now you want to know if you have been victimized, please do not hesitate to call.

In Orange County, biohazard cleanup became my business by chance event. At the time I cleaned professionally. Then I went to school for biohazard cleanup, something that I could have learned in a few days with plenty of practice.

Biohazards from blood will not hurt you if you stay away from wet blood, moist blood, and flaky dried blood. If dried blood becomes airborne then it may cause health issues if you contamination occurs. Usually contamination by airborne blood occurs to through the eyes. This is rare, but not impossible.

Airborne biohazards do not occur from cleaning after most violent deaths, unless the cleaner or conditions somehow cause dried blood to become airborne. Bloodborne biohazards do occur after many violent deaths. We assume that all violent death scenes contain infectious waste. Sometimes it includes human feces.

I do business as Orange County as biohazard cleanup. I provide Orange County biohazard cleanup service twenty-four hours, seven days a week; my prices are fair and reasonable.

I remove blood following homicides, suicides, unattended deaths, and sever decompositions. At times, blood releases from the human body will include other potentially infectious materials (OPIM) besides blood.

I have cleaned alone for about eight years. See my training and education list below. If you like, speak with Eddie Evans about your cleaning needs. He will tell you what to expect and what you should expect from a biohazard cleaning company. Eddie will also clean for you. Eddie accepts cash, credit cards, and homeowner's insurance.

In general, decomposition should be handled professionally.

An unattended death demands professional attention because of its horrific nature, its unforeseen hazards, and its emotional risks. Whether a biohazard cleanup, a suicide cleanup, or death by natural causes, a decomposed body will leave an extraordinary amount of fluid and tissue. California biohazard cleanup services remain available through this web site as well.

The material left behind has its own odors and appearances. It is difficult to explain the awkward cleaning tasks set by an unattended death.

An unattended death's appearance is usually quite horrifying when first seen by the unsuspecting. The odors associated with a death scene strike one as nauseating. On a Orange County Biohazard Cleanup biohazard cleanup job, odors add to the horrific appearance. The violent acts that brought the scene into existence are accentuated by the odors. Besides homicides, suicides, and death by natural causes, any decomposition of the human body requires special consideration, special handling.

Training and Education

A wise wizard once said to me that as much as he had studied nature and its many intricacies, he could never hope to readily recall what he had learned. He discovered that nature is very complex to think about and probably more complex than he could think

He seemed satisfied that nature shared enough. His his great store of knowledge remained somewhere in his mind, he surmised. He had no regrets for his path to learning nature's powers and mysteries; his only regret he would carry to his grave. And that was "not having more time" to learn more; for "It is what we learn after we really know it all that counts." Eddie Evans

IICRC means The Institute for Cleaning, Restoration, and Certification. AHIT means American Home Inspection Training.

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