San Diego County Feces - Poop Cleanup Narrative

Call me anytime for San Diego County feces or poop cleanup information. I am known as Eddie Evans in the biohazard cleanup industry. I have over 17 years in the business. I added feces cleanup to my infectious waste cleanup repertoire because corners employees seized death cleanup from free enterprise companies. Today, county employees have a monopoly over biohazard cleanup for death throughout the United States. The offending crony county employees receive a ten percent kickback from biohazard cleanup companies for death cleanup referrals; hence, I added this feces cleanup service for San Diego County.

I know coroner cronyism because I owned a crime scene cleanup broker business 17 years ago. If you did not know, crime scene cleanup is a subcategory of biohazard cleanup. But this is another story. This website offers biohazard cleanup related to feces cleanup in San Diego County. Feces cleanup is not biohazardous unless human blood is present. Without human blood, though, feces cleanup is still an infectious waste cleanup activity. Feces carries over 6,000 known viruses, for example. 

This is how I run my feces cleanup business for San Diego County:

  • I usually leave for San Diego County by 4 AM to begin fighting traffic.
  • I arrived for work at the appointed hour on time.
  • I remove the feces or poop, scrub and rinse the area, and then this the stained area. I remove the feces or poop from the property for proper disposal.
  • I accept cash, and I accept credit card and debit cards through PayPal. I prefer payment in cash, and whenever a feces cleanup client does not pay cash, I prefer that they pay in advance through PayPal. If this is not comfortable for you, I will accept PayPal within a few hours of doing the feces cleanup task.
  • Payment promptly helps me stay in business for the benefit of others in need of feces cleanup help. If you have done any searching on the Internet per feces cleanup services, you know already that my prices are well below my competitors. Also, you may not have found anyone willing to do feces cleanup for you and affordable prices. My feces cleanup fees are fair and reasonable when we consider the cost of doing business in California as well as other states.
  • Because I have no employees into all the feces cleanup work myself, I save my pieces cleanup clients a lot of money. Without employees, I'm not required to provide vehicles for them. I'm not required to provide overtime pay. Plus, I do not need to pay into a Social Security insurance program for employees or pay for medical insurance. Likewise, I need not pay for medications and sick pay. 

Here's a few questions I asked that are important for my traveling cleaning needs: Questions I might ask -

Parking is a real concern. The closer I can work to feces cleanup scene, the faster I can clean. More, my security is most important. Likewise, protection for my cleaning supplies is essential also. In the past, people have stolen expensive equipment because I was unable to protect tools and equipment during feces cleanup. So I like to park nearby to protect my property.

  1. I need to know what tools and equipment to bring to the feces cleanup task. Feces cleanup clients can answer the question below. Like, "Is this an ongoing feces soiling or it is a one-time event?". Knowing the answer to this question before I leave the designated address helps me to plan. For example, will I need water? Will I need a generator for electricity? Will I be working indoors or outdoors?
  2. Will I be working indoors or outdoors? Answering this question also applies to the need for tools and equipment. It also tells me how to dress. San Diego County can be cold in the winter months, and if I'm working outdoors, I need to dress appropriately.
  3. Reposinble Party - Who will pay and let me in the building? Usually, this is the first caller.
  4. I need to know what I will clean. Incontinence cleanup sometimes requires general cleaning. Perhaps the bed and floor in more than one room become soiled. Walls, toilets, and doors become soiled by feces. Sometimes the person will begin to poop on a living room sofa and run to the bathroom through a hallway.
  5. Dialysis patients have pooped their entire contents on the kitchen floor when pouring a glass of water to drink. And then their way to the restroom, they have continued to defecate. So there are many instances involving more than one room contamination. Diarrhea, by the way, is highly infectious.
  6. What about carpet and rugs? Often I can save a carpet from feces soiling, but the color loss may occur. Anytime diarrhea, for example, heavily soiled a carpet for some time, the odds are that this the contents feces will cause carpet color loss. More, it's impossible in many cases to fully remove feces from my heavily soiled carpet. Vigorous scrubbing and rinsing an application of various cleaning solutions will help remove much feces. But, still, some feces may have made its way to the question below. As a result, orders may permeate the room for a few days.
  7. The only way to fully attack the fouling orders from feces in a carpet pad requires the application of bleach. Bleach will surely cause color loss in the cases.
  8. Feces soiling on a rug, however, does not require bleach applications. Still, the rug made loses color as a result of feces soiling. In any case, unlike carpet, rug cleaning does a lot for feces soiling.
  9. I ask about electricity and running water because some clients have a vacated mill lady in need of feces cleanup services. At times these buildings are rentals and vacated. Squatters enter the building and soil it. These are expensive cleanups by the way. In any case, electricity and water are not available. And I need to know beforehand if I need to bring water and generate feces cleanup work.
  10.  I will need to know about the responsible party. This is the person responsible for making payment. And I expect payment promptly. The responsible party will see to it that I gain entry to a building as well as an email with documented evidence that I belong in the building. The responsible party will relate how they will make payment and when. Also, the responsible party will let me know about parking and other matters related to this page.
  11.  I like to know if an illness is involved with the feces cleanup. My approach to feces cleanup becomes much more involved when diarrhea cleanup begins. For example, I may wear rubber gloves that reach my elbows. As mentioned above, diarrhea is the most infectious type of feces cleanup task.
  12.  I prefer to know if pets will be in the building during cleaning. Sometimes pets get in the way and require special precautions. I prefer that pets not track through my cleaning area as I work. Also, I need to know a vicious dog is present. And there are cats. Will I need to ensure that cats cannot exit the building when I'm going in and outdoors after cleaning supplies and equipment?

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