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In this way I help to expose how deeply California's biohazard cleanup racketeering goes.


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"If you do the cleaning . . . ." Eddie Evans

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Do not believe cleaning company employees when they say that death's odors are dangerous; they lie.

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Eddie Evans - Sole Proprietor

My California biohazard cleanup service informs me about death cleanup. Whether a homicide, suicide, or unattended death, victims families need time to settle their emotions. My business allows for affordable prices for homicide, suicide, unattended death (decomposition) and other biohazards. As a result, stress reduction often occurs for my clients.

My fees reflect the costs of a self-employed California biohazard cleanup practitioner. I have over 14 years cleaning after homicides, suicides, and unattended deaths, as well as decomposition cleanup. I have cleaned alone on these jobs, except for some help during an illness. My wife likes to help during the last few hours any time children may be involved in a blood cleanup incident.

I used to clean in Orange County, California, but the county coroner and administration employees became unethical cronies of California biohazard cleanup companies. This cronyism now exists nationwide. San Benito County has the same problem so I very rarely clean biohazards any longer. I'm waiting for someone to explain why I don't receive work from San Benito County. I am on the state list, after all.



Because of my informal approach to pricing and cleaning, I offer California biohazard cleanup services without further emotional turmoil resulting from a business ordeal. Death cleanup should not cause undue stress for a grieving family.

Prices and services are well known before I arrive. Only once in 14 years have I needed to adjust a biohazard cleanup fee. In this case the responsible party had not seen the biohazard cleanup needs of the family. I still arranged my price to remain well under $1,000 below my competitors' prices. Usually my biohazard cleanup costs much less.


Homeowners Insurance


Do I accept home owner's insurance? Yes. I think all that most California biohazard cleanup company owners accept homeowners insurance. That's one of the great keys to crime scene cleanup fraud, homeowner's insurance.

Because of the cronyism in the California biohazard cleanup business, I've dedicated myself to fighting against Orange County Consumer Fraud. In this way I help to expose how deeply California's biohazard cleanup racketeering goes. Orange County gives me a good example since I've lived in this county for over 35 years; plus, I worked for Orange County over 14 years, in both the probation and Marshal's Department. (return)

County corruption nationwide than became more clear as I analyzed Orange County Coroner employee fraud. Keep in mind, always, these criminal behind a badge number a tiny fraction of coroner employees. I hope that it applies nowhere else than the biohazard cleanup business, but who knows? I know because I once had 2,000 web sites. I received California biohazard cleanup calls from all over California.

My Orange County Government Corruption web page at crime scene cleanup covers some of the same ideas while some are unique. Orange County Fraud also covers some of this material. Through this web site I hope more California residents will know to at least ignore their county employees referrals to biohazard cleanup companies. I would like to add honest companies to my biohazard cleanup directory, but this is much easier said than done.

As a California native I enjoy traveling to help California's families during crisis periods related to blood cleanup tasks. We have over seven years of death scene cleaning experience. Click these highlighted search resources, Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, for more companies providing biohazard cleanup services.For more companies at

California has a wide range of temperatures during each season from north to south. These temperature variations have a lot to do with death odors. At times I use an ozone generating machine to help diminish if not completely remove death odors during death cleanup. I also use a fogger that fogs with odor reducing chemicals. I do my best to remove death odors but cannot guarantee total removal of these odors. Time and ventilation help to remove odors following death cleanup. We use ozone to decontaminate large areas contaminated by blood loss related to suicide and biohazards from other fluid loss. We use a fogger to reduce biohazards as well.

Suicide cleanup information gathered from years of experience may be found at suicide cleanup information.

I share suicide cleanup information for those grieving family members that choose to clean after a suicide or other blood loss event. If you haves questions about biohazard cleanup in general, be sure to call me and I'll answer any questions that I feel qualified to answer. Of course I cannot accept responsibility for errors and omissions that blood cleanup may entail. Visit Do it Yourself Blood Cleanup and you might something useful among its pages.


Sewage as Biohazard?


We think logically enough that when it comes to sewage, it must consist of biohazards; it probably does, but not in the strict usage that I give to this ominous work, biohazard. After all, our poop, saliva, hair, and more goes into our sanitary sewer (toilets and other drains). How can any microorganisms exist in that nightmare of ghoulish bacteria not qualify as a "biohazard"?

It's simple, as used by me and others trained in bloodborne pathogen ideas and safe practices, we recognize human blood as a biohazard. Then we add on human fluids as they may have or have had contact with human blood. Then it's finished, our strict definition for biohazards.

In the world of wild life forms we recognized biohazards in a more general sense. We qualify our terms and their context. So context gives meaning to biohazard cleanup and human blood.

I must agree that our world has many biohazardous microorganisms doing very well with or without human blood; it's those that need our blood to reproduce that have my concern, the concern for The Center for Disease Control, that is.

Anyway, to focus on sewage, sewage contains dangerous microorganisms capable of transmitting typhus and all sorts of food poisoning. But in the world of sewage, bloodborne pathogens related to human diseases have a very slim chance of surviving long enough to reproduce. For one, their numbers quickly become too few to carry on production and reproduction of their dangerous genes. Two, they still need a means of entering the human body.

I don't believe that I've ever known anyone crazy enough to purposely inject sewage into their bloodstream. Most importantly, thirdly, sewage simply does not have the environmental conditions necessary for human bloodborne pathogens to survive. Ph levels in sewage remain too acidic or too alkaline for our blood to survive in their alien world, sewage.

Usually, sewage sludge gathered at a central location combines the worst of sewage into massive heaps of composting germs and viruses. Even treated sewage contains biohazards at times. In fact, treated sewage often becomes compost for farms. At times this treated sewage carries illness and disease carrying biohazardous pathogens dangerous to humans and nonhuman's.


We look at sewage cleanup at the level of homes as a sewage cleanup business. We then look at sewage cleanup at the industrial sewage treatment level as a socially imposed, industrialized necessity for our way of life. But it's not only "sewage cleanup," it's also biohazard cleanup.


California Biohazard Cleanup


Blood cleanup after police and other authorities release homicide, suicide, and unattended death decomposition scenes requires a standard operating procedure (SOP) Using an SOP and staying within the scope of its directions helps to ensure biohazard cleanup takes place safely and reasonably quickly. Always stay within the scope of a worthy SOP.

Death and Blood's Odors Not Dangerous

My experience over the last 14 years informs me that crime scene cleanup employees lie. They lie to get your business. They often lie about death and blood's odors. They claim that these decomposition odor release "dangerous germs" and gasses. They tell these lies to scare you. Think about it.

We've had biohazard cleanup, blood cleanup for eons. Even in the Egyptian Pharos days, human blood remained on the scene as the mummy's were prepared. The African continent has over 100 degree heat routinely. Australia as well, especially these days of global warming, suffers from extreme heat. Why don't Australia's coroner employees get sick from blood and death odors?

Then there's the San Benito County morticians and county coroner (medical examiner) employees. See what I mean. They lie. Just like the county employees lie when they hand grieving family members those bogus San Benito County biohazard cleanup company telephone numbers. San Benito County employees expect payback, a kickback, remuneration, reward for sending you, a "prospect," to these companies. Many times the referring county employee owns the company they send members of the public to use.

Paying attention to protective equipment goes along with sensible biohazard cleanup and reducing odors while cleaning. Protective masks over your mouth and nose must be worn. Eye protection from blood splash must also be worn. Rubber gloves thick enough to protect hands and arms almost to elbows are recommended. These help to cut the risk of accidental exposure.

"If you do the cleaning, you can legally so long as you do not receive pay, biohazard cleanup requires attention to detail." This mean paying attention to where we walk and how we disinfect our shoes or boots after entering a biohazardous environment. A biohazard cleanup of blood and other potentially infectious materials must focus on where blood goes during our cleanup work. (return)

Always wear shoes or other protective foot garments capable of withstanding puncture from sharps and other sharp, pointed objects. Your footgear should be cleaned and disinfected before leaving a blood soiled room. Never walk around a home with blood on shoes. Cross contamination causes all sorts of bloodborne pathogen concerns.

Blood splash during blood cleanup places biohazard cleaners at risk of contracting HIV, hepatitis B, or hepatitis C. These bloodborne diseases cause many thousands of deaths worldwide and their threat grows almost daily.

More information at California crime scene cleanup shares information related to biohazard cleanup.


Sanitary Sewer

Ensure that your toilet and sinks drain before blood disposal.

Flushing blood and other infectious materials down the sanitary sewer or septic tank dilutes any remaining pathogens. For the purposes of homicide, suicide, and unattended death decomposition cleanup, bulk blood's deactivation occurs once drained to the sewer, if not sooner.

Usually bulk blood disposed of in a utility sink or toilet (sanitary sewer) dilutes and mixes raw sewage. This leads to destruction of bloodborne pathogens from each sewers hostile environment to bloodborne pathogens. Many states have regulations to guide homeowners and business when it comes to how much blood and other body fluid may be flushed. It's usually safe to pour blood and other infectious materials so long as it's done sensibly and with protection over orifices and open wounds. Keep disinfectants handy for disinfecting upon completion of work.


Most often blood and blood products have dried on death scenes before biohazard cleanup begins. As dried biological material bacteria and viruses will have died in many cases. Bleach should finish off remain bacteria, if any. We must always assume that human blood remains contagious in any case.

Most California sewer systems will handle blood disposal. It is prudent to ensure copious amounts of bleach and water dilute blood before disposing down a sanitary sewer system. Hospitals, morgues, and funeral homes use the sanitary sewers for the same purpose; any other approach would be cost prohibitive.

Multiple homicides and suicides should not exceed allowable limits for blood and other fluid discharge. In a mass murder cleanup, discharge of blood and other fluids should follow a pre-planned, detergent, water diluted blood and OPIM discharge to the sanitary sewer.

A functioning septic tank should destroy bloodborne pathogens.

I recommend consulting with the system's manufacturing guidelines before pouring blood.




Disposing of Regulated Waste

 Stericycle disposes of coast-to-coast biohazard waste disposal following biohazard cleanup or regular medical waste disposal service.

During a crime scene cleanup it's best to begin disinfecting early and clean as work progresses. In the final steps of biohazard cleanup, disinfecting takes place on a global scale within soiled rooms.


When it comes to regulated waste, feces cleanup does not concern me.


Here's how I tell if something is regulated waste:

Regulated waste is any of the following:

  • – Fluid or or semisolid blood or other potentially infectious materials (OPIM)
  • – Blood polluted objects with enough blood inside to release blood when compressed
  • – Stuff with caked blood dried by time or otherwise may become airborne -- aerosolized.
  • – Sharps soiled by blood
  • – Pathological and microbiological wastes polluted by blood or OPIM



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